Frontiers in Cancer Research

Frontiers in Cancer Research


Wednesday, April 4 2:00-5:30pm
MBRB, 900 S. Ashland, Herman Auditorium

Invited speakers:


Elaine Mardis, PhD

Professor of Genetics, Washingon University School of Medicine Co-Director, Director of Technology Development The Genome Institute at Washington University


William Sellers, MD
Vice President, Global Head of Oncology Research Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research


2:00           Welcome
2:05-3:30   Dr. Elaine Mardis
                  Dr. Louis Staudt
3:30           Break
3:45-5:30   Dr. William R. Sellers
                  Dr. Jiri Bartek

Louis M. Staudt, MD, PhD
Head, Molecular Biology of Lympohoid Malignancies Section Deputy Branch Chief National Cancer Institute, Center for Cancer Research

Jiri Bartek, MD, PhD
Deputy Director, Center for Genotoxic Stress Research Professor, Institute of Cancer Biology, Danish Cancer Society


Presented by the Cancer Center and the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics.