Stephen J. Kron Professor
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA Stanford University, Stanford CA Stanford University, Stanford CA Whitehead Institute, Cambridge MA B.A. M.S.E. M.D. Ph.D. - 1978-82 1982-83 1983-90 1983-90 1990-95 Biochemistry Bioengineering Medicine Cell Biology Genetics

A. Personal statement

Dr. Kron leads a highly interdisciplinary research program devoted to dissecting signaling pathways and chromatin dynamics underlying DNA damage response, cell proliferation and cell-cell interactions. He is broadly trained in basic and applied science, and has a long history of innovation across several fields, including bioengineering, biophysics, cell biology, genetics and epigenetics, proteomics, informatics, drug discovery, chemical biology, diagnostics and now, therapeutics.

B. Positions and Honors. Positions and Employment

Stanford University, Stanford CA 1983-1990 Graduate research assistant (Advisor: J.A. Spudich) Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, Cambridge MA 1990-1995 Post-doctoral fellow and Research associate (Supervisor: G.R. Fink)

University of Chicago, Chicago IL 1996-2003 Assistant Professor, Dept. Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology 2003-2008 Associate Professor with Tenure, Dept. Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology 2009-pres. Professor, Dept. Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology

Honors, Awards and Fellowships

1983-1990 NIH Medical Scientist Training Program, Stanford University 1990-1993 Helen Hay Whitney Medical Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship 1996-1998 Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation Young Investigator 1998-2001 James S. McDonnell Foundation Scholar Award 1999-2004 NSF CAREER Award 2002-2007 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Scholar Award 2004-2006 Cancer Research Foundation Fletcher Scholar Award 2007 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Stohlman Scholar

Professional Activities and Service (recent and ongoing)

2003-pres. NIH NCI Innovative Molecular Analysis Technologies (IMAT) Special Emphasis Panels 2004-2010 Director, T90 Roadmap "Undergraduate Program in Physical and Chemical Biology" 2004-pres. Director, University of Chicago Beckman Scholars Program 2005-pres. Director, University of Chicago Proteomics Core Facility 2007-pres. Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Career Development Program Grant Review Subcommittee 2007-2009 NCI Canada Panel G1: Experimental Therapeutics, Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Development 2008 NIH NCI Biology of Breast Premalignancies Special Emphasis Panel 2008-pres. Scientific Advisory Board, Solulink Inc., San Diego CA 2008 NIH NIAID Radiation Combined Injury Special Emphasis Panel 2008 NIH MGC Study Section (ad hoc) 2008-pres. Chair, Scientific Advisory Board, Partnership for Cures, Chicago IL 2008-2009 European Commission FP7 HEALTH.2009.1.2-1: "...in vitro detection of proteins..." 2009 NIH NCI ARRA GO applications Special Emphasis Panel

2009 NIH NCI-A RTRB-L P1 P30 Cancer Center site visit committee 2009-2010 European Commission FP7 HEALTH.2010.1.2-1, two stage: "...detection of biomarkers..." 2010 Chair, NIH IMAT SEP ZCA1 SRLB-Q (M1) “Application of emerging technologies...2010 NIH NIAID Centers for Countermeasures Against Radiation Special Emphasis Panel 2010 Chair, NCI SBIR contracts panel, ZCA1 SRLB (Q)C1 “Nucleic acid analysis...2010 NIH Roadmap MLPCN Center-Driven Research Proposals panel 2010 NIH NCI ICBP/TMEN Collaborative Research Special Emphasis Panel 2011 Chair, NIH IMAT SEP ZCA1 SRLB-Q M1 R “Innovative technology development...2011 NIH NIMH SEP "Scalable assays for unbiased analysis of neurobiological function" 2011 Chair, NIH NCI ICBP/TMEN Collaborative Research Special Emphasis Panel 2011 Chair, NIH Roadmap SEP, "...Affinity Reagents for Human Transcription Factors (U54)" 2011 Chair, NIH/NSF New Biomedical Frontiers at the Interface review panel 2011 Founder, OncoSenescence LLC, Chicago IL 2011 Founder, —OH Inc., San Diego CA 2012 NIH NCI “Research Answers to NCI’s Provocative Questions” SEP

C. Selected and relevant peer-reviewed publications (of ~90 total) 1) S.J. Kron and J.A. Spudich, “Fluorescent actin filaments move on myosin fixed to a glass surface,” Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., 83:6272-6276, 1986 PMCID: PMC386485 2) S.J. Kron, C.M. Styles and G.R. Fink, “Symmetric cell division in pseudohyphae of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae,” Molecular Biology of the Cell, 5:1003-1022, 1994 PMCID: PMC301123 3) S.H. Ahn, B.R. Tobe, J.N. Fitz Gerald, S.R. Anderson, A. Acurio and S.J. Kron, “Enhanced cell polarity in mutants of the budding yeast cyclin-dependent kinase Cdc28p,” Molecular Biology of the Cell, 12:35893600, 2001 PMCID: PMC60278 4) Javaheri, R. Wysocki, O. Jobin-Robitaille, M. Altaf, J. Côté and S.J. Kron, "Yeast G1 DNA damage checkpoint regulation by H2A phosphorylation is independent of chromatin remodeling," Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. (Track II), 103:13771-6, 2006 PMCID: PMC1564209 5) L.L. Parker, J.W. Kurutz, S.H. Kent and S.J. Kron "Control of the yeast cell cycle with a photocleavable alpha-factor analog," Angewandte Chemie, 5:6322-5, 2006 PMCID: PMC2788609 6) R. Wysocki, A. Javaheri, F. Sha and S.J. Kron, "CDK Pho85 targets CDK inhibitor Sic1 to relieve yeast G1 checkpoint arrest after DNA damage," Nature Struct. & Mol. Biol., 13:908-914, 2006 PMCID pending 7) O.A. Ulanovskaya, J. Janjic, M. Suzuki, S.S. Sabharwal, P.T. Schumacker, S.J. Kron and S.A. Kozmin, "Synthesis enables identification of the cellular target of Leucascandrolide A and Neopeltolide," Nature Chem. Biol., 4:418-24, 2008 PMCID: PMC2673112 8) S.L. Volchenboum, K. Kristjansdottir, D. Wolfgeher, and S.J. Kron, "Rapid validation of Mascot search results via stable isotope labeling, pair picking, and deconvolution of fragmentation patterns," Mol. Cell. Proteomics, 8:2011-22, 2009 PMCID: PMC2722775 9) J.E. Sylvester and S.J. Kron, "A bead-based activity screen for small-molecule inhibitors of signal transduction in chronic myelogenous leukemia cells," Mol. Cancer Ther., 9:1469-81, 2010 PMCID: PMC2868067 10) E.V. Efimova, H.J. Mauceri, D.W. Golden, E. Labay, V.P. Bindokas, T.E. Darga, C. Chakraborty, J.C.B. Andrade, C. Crawley, H.G. Sutton, S.J. Kron and R.R. Weichselbaum, "Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitor induces accelerated senescence in irradiated breast cancer cells and tumors," Cancer Res., 70:6277-82, 2010 PMCID: PMC2912962 11) G. Zhou, J.E. Sylvester, D. Wu, D.R. Veach and S.J. Kron, "A magnetic bead-based protein kinase assay with dual detection techniques," Anal. Biochem., 408:5-11, 2011 PMCID: PMC3034244 12) O.A. Ulanovskaya, J. Cui, S.J. Kron and S.A. Kozmin, "A pairwise chemical genetic screen identifies new

inhibitors of glucose transport," Chemistry & Biology, 18:222-30, 2011 PMCID: PMC3050591 13) J.C.Barreto, E.V. Efimova, H.J. Mauceri, M.A. Beckett, H.G. Sutton, T.E. Darga, E.E. Vokes, M.C. Posner,

S.J. Kron and R.R. Weichselbaum, "Response of human prostate cancer cells and tumors to combining PARP inhibition with ionizing radiation," Molec. Cancer Ther., 10:1185-93, 2011 PMCID: PMC3140695

14) E. Labay, E.V. Efimova, B.K. Quarshie, D.W. Golden, R.R. Weichselbaum, and S.J. Kron, "Ionizing Radiation Induced Foci (IRIF) persistence screen to discover enhancers of accelerated senescence," Int. J.

High Throughput Screening, 2011(2):1-13, 2011 PMCID in process 15) Meng, Y., E.V. Efimova, K.W. Hamzeh, T.E. Darga, H.J. Mauceri, Y.-X. Fu, S.J. Kron, and R.R. Weichselbaum, Radiation-inducible immunotherapy for cancer: Senescent tumor cells as a cancer vaccine. Molecular Therapy, in press

Selected patents (of >20 awarded or pending)

S. Chu and S. Kron, "Method for optically manipulating polymer filaments," U.S. Patent #5,079,169, 1992

C. Adams and S. Kron, "Method for performing amplification of nucleic acid with two primers bound to a single solid support," U.S. Patent #5,641,658, 1997

T. Boles, S. Kron and C. Adams, "Nucleic acid-containing polymerizable complex," U.S. Patents #5,932,711, 1999 and #6,180,770, 2001

S. Brueggemeier, S. Kron, S. Palecek, L. Parker, S. Kent, "Hydrogels for biomolecule analysis and corresponding method to analyze biomolecules," U.S. Patent #7,588,906, 2009

D. Schwartz and S. Kron, "Methods and compositions for direct detection of DNA damage," U.S. Patent Application 20100216132

J. Sylvester and S. Kron, "Method for accurate measurement of enzyme activities," U.S. Patent Application 20110046919

D. Research Support. Active and approved (selected)

R01 CA164492 (PI Kron) 10/1/11-9/30/16 NIH NCI "Radiation response within the tumor microenvironment"

Collaborative effort toward multi-scale, multimodality imaging of cross-talk between DNA damage responses, hypoxia and metabolism in tumors.

DOD W911NF-11-1-0274 (PI K. Hazlett Albany) 7/1/11-6/30/15 Army Research Office "Protein, lipid, chemical and structural signatures of differentially-cultivated Francisella tularensis and Acinetobactor baumanni"

Proteomic analysis to distinguish laboratory grown from environmental bacterial samples. Role: Coinvestigator.

Chicago Prostate SPORE P50 CA090386 Pilot project (PI Kron) 2/1/11-1/31/13 NIH NCI "Effect of PARP inhibition in combination with ionizing radiation on prostate cancer cells and tumors"

Analysis of the secretome of prostate cancer cells driven into senescence in vitro and in vivo.

R21 CA138365 (PI Kron) 4/1/09-3/31/13 NIH NCI "Imaging DNA damage dynamics for diagnostics, screening and target discovery"

Project to develop GFP-based probes to track ionizing radiation foci formation and dynamics in breast cancer cells and identify foci components and chromatin modifications.

P50 GM086145 (PI Kozmin) 9/30/08-8/30/13 NIH NIGMS "Chicago Tri-Institutional Center for Chemical Methods and Library Development"

High-throughput organic synthesis to facilitate development of small-molecule libraries for broad biological screening. Role: Chair of Biological Outreach Committee

R01 GM60443 (PI Kron) 4/1/07-3/30/12 (NCE) NIH NIGMS "Radiation-induced G1 checkpoint arrest in yeast"

Project focused on molecular dissection of G1 DNA damage checkpoint signaling in budding yeast, with focus on chromatin modifications at DNA double strand breaks.

Completed (selected)

SBIR contract HHSN261201000122C (PI Schwartz (Solulink)) 9/1/10-6/30/11 NIH NCI

"Phase I SBIR: Topic 274 -Quantitative Cell-Based Imaging for Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment" Developing a multiplexed immunohistochemistry test for triple negative breast cancer. Role: Co-Investigator

R21 DK082656 (PI Kron) 7/1/09-6/30/11 NIH NIDDK "Dynamics of epigenetic marks on newly replicated chromatin"

Project directed at proteomic characterization of chromatin assembly and modification during replication and chromatin maturation, based on novel technology for chromatin capture exploiting ethynyl deoxyuridine and Click chemistry. (ARRA funded)

R01 HG 003864 (PI Kron) 10/1/05-7/30/09 NIH Roadmap “Molecular library screening by MALDI-TOF scanning of functional peptide arrays”

Collaborative project to develop multiplexed high throughput assays for signaling protein activation in extracts from cells treated with individual compounds.