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The University of Illinois Cancer Center is dedicated to reducing the burden of cancer on the people of Illinois and beyond through an integrated program of excellence in research, education, and outreach on the causes, prevention, and treatment of cancer.

Our researchers translate knowledge gained from research into improved quality of life for persons and families impacted by cancer, including those who experience cancer health disparities.


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February 20, 2012 

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Specialized non-invasive chemotherapy procedure now available at Cancer Center
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Recent Publications

Associations Between Functional Polymorphisms in Antioxidant Defense Genes and Urinary Oxidative Stress Biomarkers in Healthy, Premenopausal Women
P. Gann, R. van Breeman, M. Wright, et al

 Inverse Association Between Glutathione Peroxidase Activity and Both Selenium-Binding Protein 1 Levels and Gleason Score in Human Prostate Tissue
A. Diamond, M. Wright, W. Yang, et al

Nitric Oxide Suppresses Tumor Cell Migration through N-Myc Downstream-regulated Gene-1 (NDRG1) Expression: Role of Chelatable Iron
D.D. Thomas, et al

Phospholipid-based Nanomicelles in Cancer Nanomedicine. Chapter 16 in Nanomedicine in Health and Disease by CRS Press.

H. Onyuksel, et al