To The Graduating Class of 2013

June 30, 2013


Godspeed, you’re all Aces. May your Cup runneth over as you celebrate a marvelous accomplishment. Continued great success, you will all be severely missed….

Dr. Elizabeth ‘Zippy’ Harlan and Dr. Barbara Jericho Honored At Graduation Dinner

June 09, 2013

The Department held its annual graduation dinner celebration on Saturday, June 8th at Gibson’s Steakhouse in Chicago. Special thanks to Nancy Burk, MD and the resident members of the department social committee…Erick Isaacson, MD, Lindsey Whalen, MD, and Zippy Harlan, MD…for arranging such a wonderful evening. Barbara Jericho, MD won the Outstanding Teacher award, selected and presented by the residents, and ‘Zippy’ Harlan, MD won the prestigious Robert D. Dripps, MD Memorial Award as outstanding graduating resident, selected by the department’s faculty. Congratulations, Barbara and Zippy!