Jonathan Munro, M.D.
CA-3, 2012-2013 (class of 2013)

"Match Day triggers a whirlwind of change.  Residency will likely find you in a new city with new responsibilities, new pressures, and a whole new sleep-wake cycle! "
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Jennifer Mendoza, M.D.
CA-1, 2011-2012 (class of 2014)

“As I finish my intern year at the University of Illinois at Chicago, I find myself reflecting at how fast it’s gone by. Finishing intern year feels like a huge accomplishment since it has a reputation for being such a big hurdle."
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Darrel Saldanha, M.D.
CA-2, 2011-2012 (class of 2013)

"Thank you for visiting our website! I would like to share with you a few of the reasons why I would choose this residency program again in a heartbeat."
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Mark Farag, M.D.
Intern, 2010-2011 (class of 2014)

"Though I can only comment on my PGY-1 year at University of Illinois's  anesthesiology program, I have been extremely pleased with the diversity of the rotations, and the educational experience of the first year. University of Illinois at Chicago does a great job of balancing anesthesia with other rotations to build a foundation of knowledge before focusing on anesthesia in the PGY 2-4 years. The four blocks of anesthesia prepare us well for transitioning in to our PGY 2-4 years."
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