"Match Day triggers a whirlwind of change.  Residency will likely find you in a new city with new responsibilities, new pressures, and a whole new sleep-wake cycle!  Clinical training is the end-goal but to truly thrive despite these pressures you need the best clinical opportunities in the right environment.  Coming to the University of Illinois at Chicago I was delighted to find a strong collegiality and an attending staff who sought to build me up, helping to provide a constructive learning environment amidst these very real and very new pressures.  Some of our most instructive moments in medicine are more about the teacher than the material, and the residents here benefit from an outstanding and varied group of attendings who assist residents to establish the fundamentals of care and then to find their niche.  Personalities are welcome. 

After my residency here I will be ready to care for any patient.  The challenges provided by the diverse patient population make for stimulating cases in the here-and-now as well as valuable instruction for the future.  Coverage of the anesthesia subspecialties is balanced, with ample exposure to all but without excessive obligation to any one of the concentrations.  I will graduate with confidence that I can deliver outstanding care across the range of anesthesia subspecialties.  I have also benefitted from the department supporting an external rotation in my hometown in Australia, and my attendance at a patient safety conference in Colorado.  As you can see, the director and chair actively seek to broaden the horizons of their residents.  Looking again toward graduation, I am delighted to be taking a Cardiothoracic fellowship at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine right here in Chicago.
My preparedness upon graduation is not by accident but reflects the responsiveness of the department to the needs of the residents.  Trends change, hospitals change, requirements for graduation change, but the leadership of the department and the residency have shown time and again that they will respond to keep the training current and resident-focused. While it is ultimately up to all of us to become the doctors we aspire to be, my choice of training program has given me wonderful opportunities, and the decision to come here will benefit me throughout my career.  So come to the University of Illinois and see for yourself, and please feel free to contact me for any more information."

Jonathan Munro, M.D.
CA-3, 2012-2013 (class of 2013)