“Though I can only comment on my PGY-1 year at University of Illinois's anesthesiology program, I have been extremely pleased with the diversity of the rotations, and the educational experience of the first year. The University of Illinois does a great job of balancing anesthesia with other rotations to build a foundation of knowledge before focusing on anesthesia in the PGY 2-4 years. The four blocks of anesthesia prepare us well for transitioning in to our PGY 2-4 years. Other rotations include 4 four-week blocks of internal medicine, and 1 four-week block each of surgery, neonatal ICU, emergency medicine (EM) at Stroger Hospital, cardiology consults, and vacation. These rotations, with the exception of EM, are done at both the University of Illinois hospital and the Jesse Brown VA hospital, allowing for a good mix of patients and experience through different hospital settings/mechanisms of operation.

Residents are given adequate amount of time to get acclimated to the anesthesia rotations prior to working alone in cases with attendings, and all of the attendings and residents have been very patient, laid-back, and express a good willingness to teach. Combine this with living in one of the best cities in the country and it has made for a very enjoyable experience thus far. I would not have chosen any other residency program. Feel free to contact me (mafarag@uic.edu) with any questions regarding the program or living in the city of Chicago.”

Mark Farag, M.D.
Intern, 2010-2011 (class of 2014)