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Welcome to UIC Dermatology!


In an academic dermatology department like ours, we have three main missions: patient care, research, and education.

The Department of Dermatology at UIC is proud of being one of the earliest established departments in the country and has diligently served patients suffering from skin diseases in the greater Chicago area for more than 110 years. Many outstanding physicians have served as leaders of our department. The department’s first Head, Dr. William Pusey, was elected as the President of the AMA. The department’s second head, Dr. Francis Senear, was the discoverer of a novel disease called, “Pemphigus erythematosus”.  Our faculty members are recognized throughout the medical community as experts in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the skin, hair and nails. Because of our specialized services, other physicians often refer rare skin diseases to UIC.  The outstanding medical knowledge and surgical skill of the attending physicians in our department currently provide services in all areas of dermatology care at the UIC Medical Center Outpatient Clinics: general dermatology, pediatric dermatology, contact allergy testing and treatment, rheumatologic disease diagnosis and management, blistering disease diagnosis and treatment, Mohs micrographic cancer surgery, cosmetic surgery, phototherapy, and dermatopathology and immunopathology examinations. The faculty members in our department also serve veterans patients at the Jesse Brown West Side VA Medical Center and soon the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center (FHCC).

On the research front, the departmental research effort is currently supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health and Dermatology Foundation, as well as an endowed research fellowship. Our research topics are currently focused on: 1). The migration mechanism of neutrophils; 2). The pathogenic mechanisms of atopic dermatitis; and 3). The health disparity in minority population.

Realizing the significance of training the next generation of general and surgical dermatologists, we seek to recruit the brightest young physicians to be our residents, now totaling twelve. Our goals are to continue imparting to our residents excellent training in medical and surgical dermatology, utilizing three main teaching facilities: UIC Medical Center Outpatient Clinics, Jesse Brown West Side VA Medical Center and the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center (FHCC) . Every effort will be made to nurture our residents to become future academic dermatologists so that they can in turn carry out these triple missions of patient care, research, and education.

Lawrence S. Chan, MD, Dr. Orville J. Stone Professor of Dermatology 

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