A. Required

Attendance is required for all Pulmonary Critical Care and Sleep Medicine fellows and attendings unless otherwise stated. Each fellow is required to present two major conferences in addition to the literature review (Journal Club) component of the research conference. All talks should be of high quality with understanding and citation of current medical literature.

1. Disease Oriented Clinical Conference: These are designed to cover the diseases specified within the curriculum over a three-year period. Lectures are given by multi-disciplinary faculty or invited faculty from different specialties. They are held at 4:00 PM on Mondays. This conference is attended by all fellows and faculty.

2. Case Conference: Diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to pulmonary, critical care and sleep patients are discussed in detail along with the relevant literature on a weekly basis. The radiographs are highlighted in this conference whose aim is to develop a thorough and critical approach to the evaluation of patients.

3. Principles of Practical Pulmonary Conference: This weekly conference begins with lectures and demonstrations on urgent ICU procedures for the first month. It then covers basic physiology, followed by interpretations of pulmonary, critical care and sleep procedures and conditions that and not generally related to one disease. The last week of each month (except July and August) is devoted to the Journal Club.

4. Medical Surgical Case Conference: This conference is held weekly and attended by the fellows and attending physicians from Pulmonary, Medical Oncology, and Thoracic Surgery. Generally fellows present patients who may need thoracic surgery or are of interest to this group.

5. Research Conference: This weekly conference is held from September through May and covers all aspects of research. Emphasis is on work-in-progress. Each fellow engaged in research is expected to present. It is held at 12:00 PM on Thursdays.

B. Non-mandatory Conferences

1. Polysomnography Conference is held at noon on Tuesday. Polysomnographic tracing are reviewed by fellows under the supervision of an attending sleep specialist. This gives additional training in reading sleep tracings.

2. Clinical and Translational Research Intensive Summer Program is intended for those wishing to embark on a career in clinical research. It will be held in July for 1 week.

3. Department of Medicine Conferences: The Department of Medicine holds many weekly conferences. The most popular for the fellows are the weekly Medical Grand Rounds and Department of Medicine Morbidity & Mortality Conference, moderated by Dr. Önal, who is in the section of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine. There are many more departmental conferences, including a monthly ethics conference and opportunities to become a better educator.

4. Lung Biology Research Conferences: Fellows are encouraged to attend the Lung Biology Research Conferences hosted by Dr. Asrar Malik’s research group. These conferences begin in September and go through May. The Research Seminar is on Wednesday at 12:30 PM and features outside speakers. The Research Forum in on Monday at 12:30 and features research done at UIC by students, post-docs, or fellows and runs as a free discussion of work presented.

5. Society Conferences: The Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine fellows are encouraged to join professional societies and attend national meetings. Every fellow is encouraged to attend at least one conference of the American Thoracic Society, American College of Chest Physicians, or Society of Critical Care Medicine. Fellows also encouraged to attend special conferences such as the ACCP Lung Pathology course, Ultrasonography course, or Board Review courses as time is available. They also should take advantage of the learning opportunities in other arenas, such as WEB-based programs, CDs, audio tapes, etc.