Educational Purpose

To provide fellows with experience in the evaluation and management of patients with level I trauma. To allow them additional experience in invasive procedures under the supervision of trauma surgeons.

Teaching Methods

The fellows become a member of the Trauma Service Team at Christ Hospital. They participate in the initial evaluation, resuscitation, stabilization and the following intensive care of trauma patients under the supervision of attending or chief surgical fellow.

The fellows attend all educational meetings of the Trauma Service that consists of weekly Critical Care lecture, Grand Rounds and Case Discussion Conferences. The take call in house and participate fully in patients who newly arrive in the Emergency Department with trauma.

Mix of Diseases, Patient Characteristics, and Types of Clinical Procedures and Services

Level I trauma patients. All procedures necessary for initial evaluation and management of these patients including central line placement, cut-down, establishment of airway, intubation, mechanical ventilation, maintenance of circulation, transvenous cardiac pacemaker insertion, basic and advanced cardiac resuscitation, cardioversion, diagnostic and therapeutic thoracentesis, pericardiocentesis, paracentesis, joint aspiration, tube thoracostomy, peritoneal dialysis and lavage, evaluation and management of oliguria, management of massive transfusions, and management of hemostatic defects.

Fellow Evaluation Method

The fellows are evaluated by the Trauma attending responsible for their training. An ABIM-format evaluation is completed by the Trauma attending at the end of the rotation. Verbal feedback is provided continuously and if the attending judges that a fellow is not performing at an acceptable level, he or she must explicitly provide the fellow with constructive criticism.

Fellows in return, evaluate their attending physicians and the rotation in terms of experience as well as the number of procedures by filling in an evaluation form at the end of the rotation.