Required and Recommended Texts for Core Clerkships

Books can be ordered at:

The UIC Medical Bookstore is located on-campus at:

Student Center West

828 South Wolcott Ave.

Chicago, IL 60612

(312) 413-5550


Some of these texts can be found on-line on the UIC Library web page at


 Family Medicine Confirmed for 2013-14 on 5/28/13

Recommended: (some of these texts available for loan from Family Medicine at UIC)

AFP Clerkship Topic List (found on the UIC Department of Family Medicine web site)
Essentials of Family Medicine by Sloane (has questions/answers with explanation)
Blueprints - Family Medicine by Lipsky

Other resources that can be used:

Swanson’s Family Practice Review (questions/answers only)
Case Files; Family Medicine by Toy 
Essentials of Family Practice by Rakel
Manual of Family Medicine by Taylor
Primary Care Medicine by Goroll

Medicine: A Primary Care Approach by Rubin

Medicine -  Recommended:  1) a text for Internal Medicine (numerous options available at the book store)
2) MKSAP student question book to prepare for the shelf exam  Confirmed on 6/15/12

Pediatrics Confirmed for 2013-14 on 5/28/13

One of the following texts:

Case Files 

Illustrated Textbook of Paediatrics

One of the following Question Book/Banks:


US World

Confirmed for 2013-14 on 5/28/13

Recommended:  The Introductory Textbook of Psychiatry, 5th Edition, 2011 by D. W. Black, and N. C. Andreasen

Obstetrics/Gynecology -
Confirmed for 2013-14 on  6/2413

Required: Obstetrics and Gynecology, Sixth Edition, by Charles R.B. Beckmann OR

Essentials of Obstetrics and Gynecology by Hacker & Moore

Recommended: Blueprints Obstetrics and Gynecology

Surgery - Recommended Resources: 

1. Texts
a) ACCESS SURGERY (a free online compendium of several texts for in depth information including anatomy, diagnosis,surgical approach, management)
b) Essentials of General Surgery, Peter F Lawrence, 4th Edition and online question bank ( 5th Edition is to be released in October 2012)

c) CURRENT Diagnosis and Treatment Surgery: Thirteenth Edition (LANGE CURRENT Series, Free online via ACCESS SURGERY)

d) Pocket book reference:
Surgery A Competency-Based Companion, by Barry D. Mann, published by Saunders, 2008
2. Cases

a) Case Files: Surgery (free online via ACCESS SURGERY)
b) NMS Casebook
c) Virtual Patient (online resource)
3. Questions

a) Pre-Test Surgery (free online via ACCESS SURGERY, approximately 600 questions)
b) U-world Question Bank ( approximately 160 questions)

Neurology    Confirmed for 2013-14 on 5/28/13

Adams & Victor Principles of Neurology

 Bradley's Neurology in Clinical Practice