Advanced Family Medicine - UICMC

PREREQUISITES AND PLACEMENT IN THE CURRICULUM: Must complete M3 Core Clerkship in Medicine. 

PURPOSE: This elective is meant for students who have a strong interest in family medicine as a career. It is well known that intern year is exhausting and often overwhelming: a new environment with high expectations, new peers, new faculty, and many time, knowledge and skill demands. This course is intended to help jumpstart the residency experience by providing M4s with an opportunity to learn some survival essentials for Family Medicine internship. The course will address the basics of practice management, review of core clinical knowledge (through completion of tested computer-based clinical cases), and skills for stress-management and personal resource identification to provide support and build confidence. In addition, students will have opportunities to interact with residents completing their intern year, and to get information regarding what they wish they had known coming into their residency program.
COMPETENCIES: This course will enhance students’ knowledge and skills in four areas: application of knowledge to common clinical cases; providing competent inpatient care; essentials of practice management; and, personal and professional development.
INSTRUCTIONAL FEATURES: Students can acquire 2 or 4 credits, by combining some of the four components outlined below or by completing all of them. Students’ learning activities will be guided by Dr. Richard Stringham, Director of Predoctoral Education, Department of Family Medicine.
A.  Application of Knowledge to Commonly Encountered Clinical Problems  (for 1 week credit)      
- Students will select and complete 20 clinical cases from a Penn State database of    common family medicine medical case scenarios.
 B. Inpatient Clinical Experience (for 2-4 credits)
    - Students can spend 2-4 weeks on the Family Medicine Inpatient service at UIH.  Students will report to, and be evaluated by senior residents and attendings.
C. Essentials of Practice Management (for ½ week credit)
    - The AAFP has a prepared an interactive CD on Practice Management for FM  residents. The disk overviews contracts, informed consent, financial management of a clinic setting, insurance, an  introduction to billing and coding, and medico-legal issues. Each segment of the course concludes  with a quiz and review.
D. Personal and Professional Development (for ½ week credit)
    - Through selected readings as well as individual or small group sessions with family medicine faculty, including Dr. Stringham, students will learn:
    - How to access community resources-- both professional and personal-- in a
 new environment;
    - Tactics for establishing professional networks in one’s area of particular interest in family medicine, e.g., OB, sports medicine
    - Strategies for stress prevention and management. 
Program Number: ELEC 938
Program Director: Richard Stringham, M.D., Cheron Zei (Coordinator)
Phone: 312-996-9116, Fax: 312-996-2579
Duration: 2 or 4 weeks
Night Call:
Yes, during Inpatient experience
Weekend Call
: Yes, during Inpatient experience
Students Accepted: Min. 0 Max. 1
Housestaff used as faculty:
Lectures/conferences/faculty contact:
5-15 hours
Inpatient: 0-80 hours/week
Total average hours/week:
Reporting Instructions:
Please contact Cheron Zei at 3-4 weeks prior to the start of the elective for detailed information on requirements for this elective.