PURPOSE: Clinical electives (4 weeks). The dermatology elective
provides opportunity for individuals interested in dermatology to pursue further clinical exposure in the Department of Dermatology.

Basic science research elective (3 months). The research areas available include basic science research in the areas of biochemistry, immunology, molecular biology, and pharmacology as they relate to skin diseases. The minimum time required for basic science research elective is 3 months.

By the end of the clinical clerkship, a student should be able to:
•  Perform a thorough skin examination
•  Accurately describe skin lesions using precise dermatologic language
•  Formulate a differential diagnosis and construct a logical treatment plan for common dermatologic diagnosis.
The competencies achieved by a student involved in the research elective clerkship will vary according to the project undertaken by the student under the guidance of the faculty.

INSTRUCTIONAL FEATURES: : Students involved in either the clinical or research elective may attend lectures, seminars and the Dermatology Clinical Conference (i.e., Grand Rounds). The dermatology textbook is available online at MD consult and the departmental website has other teaching materials. Instructional materials also include medical student curriculum hosted at American Academy of Dermatology website.

Made on basis of attending staff evaluations of clinical or research performance. Attending, resident, and student interactions and well as the student’s daily clinic performance will be taken into consideration when evaluating the students.


Program Number: ELEC 602
Location: UICMC
Program Director: Sophie Worobec,
M.D - Contact Dr. Worobec for clinical elective.  ​Contact L. Chan, M.D. for research elective
Coordinator: Pamela Czerwinski

Telephone: 312-996-6966, 312-413-7767  Email:
Duration: 4 Weeks
Night Call: N/A
Weekends: No (for clinical elective)
Weekends: No (for research elective)
Students Accepted: Min. 1 Max 5
Housestaff Used as Faculty:
Yes (students are paired with a resident)
Lectures/Conferences/Faculty Contact: 20-40
Laboratory*: 40
Outpatient: 40
Inpatient: N/A
Total Hours /Week: 40
*Clinical or laboratory research elective.

KEYWORDS: Dermatology, clinical elective, research elective.

Updated: 9/21/15