Longitudinal Clinical Care for Joint Degree Students - UIH

PREREQUISITES:  Completion of M3 year. Beginning in M4 Summer prior to joint degree year. Restricted to joint degree students.

PURPOSE:  Longitudinal Clinical Care for Combined Degree Students is designed for students who have completed all M3 core clerskhips and is a continuation of their clinical training from these disciplines in their non-clinical graduate year.   Building upon the knowledge and clinical skills they have developed over the course of the M-3 year, students take on increasing responsibility for the patients they see, maintaining and advancing their clinical training.  The emphasis is on perfecting the fundamental skills of data collection, clinical reasoning, and understanding of pathophysiological process. The elective teaches the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to provide continuing, comprehensive and preventive care to individuals and families who represent a broad spectrum of ages and cultures in the primarily the outpatient setting, with adjuvant inpatient experiences if appropriately arranged.
COMPETENCIES:  In the process of completing this course, students acquire the following competencies:

  • Skill building for comprehensive history-taking, physical exam, ddx and management and understanding the role of the physician as a member of the patient care team;
  • Skill building for wellness, risk assessment, health promotion, disease prevention and counseling patients;
  • Development of ability to identify and to manage the psychosocial aspects of patient and family care;
  • Ability to present complicated cases clearly and succinctly;
  • Learning to identify and prioritize patients’ medical problems;
  • Display the ability to interact with patients effectively and understand the concept of individual patient advocacy;
  • Cultivation of habits of life-long learning through awareness of changes occurring in medicine with regard to hospitalization of patients and a continual practice of reading the literature for patient care.
  • Display professionalism in patient care and in interaction with peers and ancillary personnel; and be an effective member of the health care delivery team.

INSTRUCTIONAL FEATURES:  Half-day or full-day preceptor sessions in an outpatient setting; half-day or full-day preceptor sessions in an inpatient setting.  Students must find preceptors and clinical sites, which must be approved by the course director Dr. Stringham.  They are encouraged to continue at clinical sites and with attending physicians they encountered during their M3 year.   As Family Medicine is a comprehensive discipline, students need not find preceptors solely in the Department of Family Medicine; students are allowed to find preceptors in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics-Gynecology, Psychiatry, and Surgery (pending approval from the course director).  For each week of credit, students must attend at least one Grand Rounds and Morning/Noon Conference in a discipline of their choice.
CREDIT: Students who successfully complete this elective will be awarded from one to four weeks of elective credit, based on the number of sessions arranged by preceptor and student.
●  40-60 hours (10-15 half-day session OR 5-8 full-day sessions) = 1 Week Credit
●  80-100 hours (20-25 half-day session OR 10-13 full-day sessions) = 2 Week Credit
●  120-140 hours (30-35 half-day session OR 15-18 full-day sessions) = 3 Weeks Credit
●  160-180 hours (40-45 half-day session OR 20-23 full-day sessions) = 4 Weeks Credit
ASSESSMENT: Written clinical evaluations from residents and/or attending physicians, a signed log of clinic hours and number of patients seen, and an end of elective ‘exit interview’ with the course director.


Program Number: ELEC 263
Location: UIH
Site Director: Sagina Hanjrah, M.D.
Telephone: 312-996-9205
Duration of Elective: up to 1 year
Night Call: varies
Weekends: varies
# of Students Accepted:  Min  0   Max 10
Housestaff Used as Faculty: Varies
Number of hours per week: 40 – 120 hours/year
Lectures/Conferences/Faculty Contact
Independent Study:
Outpatient: Varies
Total Hours /Week: N/A

Approved: 5/15/13
Updated: 10/21/15