INSTRUCTIONAL FEATURES: The Pediatrics Department at UIH offers comprehensive primary and tertiary care to the children of metropolitan Chicago . This translates into a very rich patient experience for the M4 subintern interested in pediatrics as a career.  The M4 subinternship is an inpatient experience. On the inpatient wards, our children are cared for by medical teams, each team headed by an attending physician and consisting of one PL3, two-three PL1s, one M4 (if assigned) and one-three M3s. These teams work closely with pediatric nurses, pharmacists and social workers, as well as attendings, residents, medical students and nurse clinicians from the various subspecialties. The sub intern will function as a PL1.  The experience of the M4 sub intern differs significantly from that of the M3. The subintern  will be given the privilege of first line responsibility for all patient-care matters relating to their patients. This includes work-up of inpatient admissions, writing orders, performing procedures, coordinating patient care, and developing appropriate discharge/follow-up plans. Methods of instruction vary from prepared lecture to problem-based learning using the tools of evidence-based medicine. The learning venues vary from structured learning sessions to unstructured learning opportunities at the bedside.

The ward attending is responsible for providing feedback informally on a frequent basis and formally after two weeks and at the end of the four-week rotation. The team attending and senior resident are responsible for formal end-of-rotation evaluations.


Program Number: M4RE 615
Location: UICMC
Program Director: J. Hupert, MD, Danya Haseltine (Coordinator)
Telephone: 312-996-6138
Duration: 4 Weeks
Night Call: Q4
Weekends: Yes
Number of Students Accepted: 1-2
Housestaff Used as Faculty: Yes
Lectures/ Conterences/ Faculty Contact: Yes

Total Hours/Week: