An external sub-internship in Medicine, Pediatrics, Ob/Gyne, Surgery and Family Medicine that has already been approved as a sub-internship at an LCME accredited school, may be submitted for review and approval to insure that it meets the following guidelines. Students must submit the appropriate paperwork through the Office of Student Affairs for curricular approval.


  • To prepare the student for inpatient care during their internship.
  • To synthesize knowledge and skills learned in the M3 Clerkship.


By the end of the rotation students will be able to do the following:

  • Put patients first
  • Actively take responsibility for their patients
  • Assess patient needs
  • Formulate evidence based, cost effective, and ethical management decisions
  • Follow-ups on all information
  • Effectively communicate issues to parties involved, i.e. patient care team, patient, and family
  • Recognize the need for consultative assistance


-Students will have an improved knowledge and understanding of common inpatient complaints and conditions.
-Students will be able to gather data on the following health problems:
        -Acute Neurological Changes (motor, mental)
        -Abdominal Pain 
        -Allergic Reactions
        -Chest Pain             
        -Fluid and Electrolyte Balance         
        -GI Bleeding   
        -Hyper/Hypo-glycemic States            
        -Common Infections


-Students will demonstrate their ability to perform a focused history and physical.
-Students will be able to effectively communicate results and prognostic information to patients, family, and care team.
-Students will be able to successfully acquire and integrate new information on their patients over time and be able to interrupt and recognize trends for prognostic and management purposes.

-Students will be able to perform the following procedures:
    -IV placement       
    -Blood Cultures    
    -ABG draws
    -Urethral catheter placement  
    -NG tube placement
    -Safe and effective handling of blood and other specimens                                     
   Optional: -LP, Thoracocentesis, Paracentesis, and Central Lines

-Students will experience and increase skills in clinical teaching.



-Sub-Internship may only occur in services that have supervising residents.
-Sub-Intern must have the same relationship with attendings as PGY-1.
-Sub-Intern must have appropriate resident supervision to be able to act as a PGY-1;
                        i.e. The Sub-Intern cannot be supervised by the intern
-Sufficient admission load to allow for H&P objectives.
-Follow-up during the patient’s stay in the hospital.
-Sufficient diversity of disease to allow for the full complement of content objectives.
-Exposure to and primary contact with consultants.
-Number of patients/call frequency
               -Admissions no less than Q4
               -Overnight no more than Q4
               -No less than 4 new admissions per week
April 30, 2002