M2 Post-Examination Item Review

UGME will be conducting a pilot program to study the viability of allowing post-examination item reviews to aid in comprehension of course material.

Pilot Guidelines:

1)      The M1 Medical Biochemistry Course and the M2 Medical Pharmacology Course Examination 1 will serve as the exams for the pilot.

2)      A post-exam item review session for the class will be conducted in a large group setting within 1-2 weeks following each exam’s administration.  These sessions can only take place once Testing Services has completed their scoring and analysis, and the grades have been submitted to the Registrar.

3)      Students who have not already taken the exam will not be allowed to attend the item review session. Testing Services will be admitting students to the session, and will have the list of students who have not yet taken the exam.

4)      Students will be required to check-in at the door using their I-Card, or any other suitable picture identification.
5)      Students will be required to sign a statement affirming their knowledge that this is a secure examination review.  The statement will include the following information:

a.       Any student attempting to record, transmit, or in any way retain the content of an exam item or items will be judged as violating the UIC College of Medicine Honor Code.

b.      Students who violate this policy will be subject to dismissal from the College of Medicine.

c.       Discussion about which option is the correct answer is totally at the discretion of the Course Director.   Course Directors will also respond to those comments about questions that were written on the exam booklets at the time of the exam administration.

6)      Students will not be allowed to bring any materials in to the review with them; no pens, pencils, paper, cell phones or recording devices.  They will not be given their answer sheets.  All personal items must remain outside or in the front of the room.
7)      Using a PowerPoint presentation, the course director will go through the entire exam item-by-item, projecting each question with its correct answer on a large screen.  Items that were changed in terms of the number of correct answers, an item’s acceptability, or whether it was dropped from the exam scoring will be explained by the Course Director.  The review will last approximately one hour.  

8)      For the purposes of the pilot study, the initial sessions will be videotaped so they can be evaluated and critiqued. These recordings will not be made available to students for later viewing.

9)      Following the review session, Testing Services will invite students to complete an on-line evaluation to give their opinion of the post-examination item review.  The survey will be devoid of any identifying information.

Upon a thorough review of the pilot, a decision will be made as to the feasibility of conducting item reviews for all M1 and M2 courses.

Final 8/23/10