Beginning in Academic Year 2014-15, the redesigned M4 Curriculum will include
PATHWAY STRUCTURE with the following graduation requirements:


  4 Weeks


Electives Rotations:


 30 Weeks


Pathway Electives (16 weeks)


Open Electives* (14 weeks)


Transition Courses:


  4 Weeks


Essentials of Clinical Practice & Professionalism 2

(1 week)                                        


Laboratory Medicine (2 weeks)





38 Weeks

Satisfactory completion of all M4 experiences is a graduation requirement. 

Click this link for answers to FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS regarding M4 Curriculum scheduling and requirements.  

* There is no restriction on the number of Self-Designed Elective weeks allowed for the Class of 2015.  This policy is currently under review and may change for the Class of 2016.


Click here for the M4 Curriculum for AY2013-14.