Programs at Chicago:

The University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago offers a variety of programs for medical and postgraduate students:

Doctor of Medicine (MD): The MD curriculum provides a solid foundation in the basic and clinical sciences and early exposure to patients. In addition to the basic studies MD, students can also choose one of our special tracks within the MD program at Chicago.

GPPA: This program allows a limited number of freshmen to be admitted to UIC with guaranteed admission to the medical school.  

Combined Degree: Choose from three programs which combine the medical doctorate with a professional degree.

Residencies: The College of Medicine is committed to providing graduate physicians with challenging and diverse clinical educational opportunities. Graduate students may choose from 52 residency programs accredited by the Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education. 

Graduate Education in Medical Sciences (GEMS):
Integrated training in the biomedical sciences, leading to the Ph.D. degree. 

Patient Safety Leadership: The College of Medicine offers Patient Safety Leadership online through the University of Illinois Global Campus. This innovative new program provides working professionals the opportunity to expand their experience and education in an online environment and equips students with opportunities to become leaders in the advancement of patient safety and quality health care. 

Continuing Education: Continuous professional development through lifelong learning