Combined Degree Programs

Candidates interested in combined degrees from the College of Medicine and: the Graduate College, the School of Public Health, or the College of Business Administration must meet admission requirements stipulated by EACH program.


The University of Illinois College of Medicine sponsors two MD/PhD programs, Medical Scholars Programs (MSP)  in Urbana, and the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) here in Chicago.

The Chicago campus MSTP combines the major portions of the medical school and bioscience PhD curricula to provide an integrated physician-scientist education. Program duration varies from student to student, but training generally requires seven to eight years. 


MD/MPH  (Masters in Public Health)
The MD/MPH program is available in partnership with UIC's School of Public Health. This dual-degree program is designed to prepare students for careers as high-level administrators, consultants, and executives in the growing field of public health. The 5-year allows graduates to combine clinical knowledge and administrative skills, and facilitate delivery of health care services in a variety of settings.