Curriculum Overview

The GMED track supplements the existing curriculum of the College of Medicine by adding a global focus to existing small-group activities in the M1 and M2 year, by creating co-curricular opportunities for the GMED students, and by offering elective and capstone experiences related to global health.


Essentials of Clinical Medicine

A single ECM small group will be created for the GMED cohort.  Faculty facilitators will be from the Center for Global Health, and M4 tutors will be GMED students.  The group will remain in tact for the M1 and M2 years.  This will build cohesion among the GMED students and provide an ongoing opportunity for mentoring by faculty and more senior medical students.


Co-curricular Seminars

Co-Curricular activities are offered to provide additional depth in core global health topics.  These include “lunch and learn” sessions and/or evening sessions, as well as online sessions during the clinical third and fourth years.  Topics may include: global burden of disease and health care disparities, Millennium Development Goals, social and economic determinants of health, health care in low-resource settings, tropical medicine, ethics in global health, health care systems, environment and global health, disaster medicine, humanitarian relief, global health care policy; cultural beliefs and their impact on physician/patient interactions, alternative/complementary medicine, faith/religious issues as related to health, and global health literacy


GMED students will also attend a variety of selected activities related to global health that are also available to the general student population, such as campus and city-wide lectures on global health topics, global health conferences and expositions.


Medical foreign language workshops are available to GMED students, who are encouraged to demonstrate a proficiency in a second language for conversational use in a health care setting.


GMED students are encouraged to pursue a Masters in Public Health degree (MPH) or certificate program at the School of Public Health at UIC.


International Electives and Capstone Project

GMED students have the opportunity to participate in two international electives.  The first is during the summer between the M1 and M2 years.  The focus of this elective would vary depending on the interest of the student. Options include but are not limited to: a clinical observation (particularly if the GMED student could bring added value to the experience e.g. acting as an interpreter), a research experience, a public health intervention, or an educational experience (e.g. learn about global health care systems or policies).  Another possibility includes a potential collaboration with Chicago Sister Cities, an organization that links Chicago with 28 international cities. 


The second international experience would be during the M4 year.  Possibilities for the focus of this experience would include the above as well as a hands-on supervised clinical experience.


At the end of the program, GMED students will have an opportunity to share their experiences through a capstone project presentation, and at a special GMED Graduation Party.