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Policy 1: Scheduling Protocol for Outpatient Procedures
Policy 2: Subject Information
Policy 3: Patient Information
Policy 4: Smoking Regulations
Policy 5: Contrast Media Management
Policy 6: Informed Consent for Non-experimental Procedures and Treatments
Policy 7: Conscious Sedation Procedures
Policy 8: Release of Confidential Information
Policy 9: Clinical Study Billing
Policy 10: Billing Procedure for Medications/Drugs Non-Research
Policy 11: Diamox Injection
Policy 12: Clinical fMR cases
Policy 13: 9.4T helium fill
Policy 14: Laundry and Linens


Policy 1: Safety Precautions
Policy 2: Patient/Subject/Visitor/And other members of the Healthcare Team Safety (MR)
Policy 3: Emergency Crash Cart and Emergency Drug Box
Policy 4: Guidelines for Handling Sharps
Policy 5: Infection Control/Universal Precautions
Policy 6: Equipment Safety
Policy 7: Electronics Laboratory safety and inventory control
Policy 8: Power Failure
Policy 9: Accountability of all Drugs/Medications
Policy 10: Adverse Drug Reaction – Clinical Studies
Policy 11: Quality Assurance Procedures
Policy 12: Patient Safety and Screening for 3T examinations


Policy 1: Research Accounts
Policy 2: Informed Consent for Research Protocols
Policy 3: Research Study Billing
Policy 4: Billing Procedure for Medications/Drugs Utilized for Research Studies
Policy 5: Research Access to Synchronization Control System (SCS) projection system
Policy 6: Scanner Usage Following Non-Human Subjects
Policy 7: CMRR Research Contrast Usage Policy
Policy 8: Research Subject Recruiting
Policy 9: 9.4T Scanner Access
Policy 10: 9.4T System Monitoring


Policy 1: Staff Safety
Policy 2: Designated Eating/Drinking Areas
Policy 3: Dress Code
Policy 4: Pregnant MR Staff
Policy 5: Unplanned Absence
Policy 6: Planned Absence

Data & Records

Policy 1: Research Source Documents
Policy 2: Confidentiality of Research Data
Policy 3: Medical Records Release of Information
Policy 4: Internet Protocol (IP) Address
Policy 5: Creating paradigm files for SCS
Policy 6: The limit for the disk space usage.
Policy 7: Inventory Tracking
Policy 8: Notification of maintenance to shared computing resources