Lottery Information


Stage 2:

Radiology/Surgery/Anatomy (participate only if selecting Surgical Pathway)

Start Dates: 2/2/15; 3/2/15; 3/30/15

Lottery Open Date: Friday, 2/7/14

Lottery Close Date: Tuesday, 2/11/14 @ 8:00am

Results Released: Thursday, 2/13/14 by 12:00pm

Submit request for change to by Monday 2/7/14 by 12pm


Stage 3:

Career Decision Electives (participate only if applying to Anesth, Derm, EM, Neuro, Ophthal, Ortho, Oto, Rads, Urol)

Lottery Open Date: Wednesday, 2/19/14

Lottery Close Date: Wednesday, 2/26/14 @ 8:00am

Results Released Friday, 2/28/14 by 12:00pm

Submit request for change to by Tuesday, 3/4/14 by 12:00pm



Stage 4:

Med or Peds Sub-I & Pathway Electives (Anesthesiology (S), Dermatology (M), Emergency Medicine (H,M), Radiology (H,M) )

Lottery Open Date: Thursday, 3/6/14

Lottery Close Date: Thursday, 3/13/14 @ 8:00am

Results Released: Monday, 3/17/14 by 12:00pm

Submit request for change to by Wednesday 3/19/14 by 12:00pm


Stage 5:

Catalog Electives (Open Electives)

Lottery Open Date: Friday, 3/21/14

Lottery Close Date: Thursday, 3/26/14 @ 8:00am

Results Released: Monday, 3/31/14 By 12:00PM

After 3/31/14 all changes and additions must be requested at least four weeks prior to the start date. Submit to the scheduling mailbox or via M4 Scheduling forms, which are submitted to OSA