Scheduling Forms and Calendars

M3 and M4 Scheduling Instructions:

ALL scheduling requests to add, drop, or change a rotation must be made 4 weeks in advance of the rotation start date.  Dropping an Emergency Medicine rotation requires 8 weeks of advance notice.  Students should not contact the program director or coordinator directly to request scheduling changes.

Make sure to review the Elective, Specialties, and Sub-I Scheduling Instructions if you would like to add, drop, or change one of these rotations.  If you have questions, please direct them to the appropriate contact person:

M3 Clerkship Specific Scheduling Instructions:

Following the Clinical Site Lottery, students looking to switch a clinical site should try to find another student to switch with.  If this does not work out, students should contact and work with their OSA Advisor and the Office of the Registrar regarding their scheduling concerns.  Our offices will work with the department coordinator.  Students should not contact the program director or coordinator directly to request a clinical site switch.


M3 and M4 Scheduling Forms:

  • Catalog Electives Scheduling Form
    • Electives offered through UIC.  Check the UGME Catalog Electives website for a list of courses. 
    • In lieu of the scheduling form, you can email the program coordinator/director for approval and then forward the message to  Make sure to include your name, the name of the catalog elective, start and end dates for the rotation, and clinical site.



  • Self-Designed and Away-Domestic Scheduling Form
    • Self-Designed electives are a modification of a catalog elective, under close supervision of a faculty member or physician.  They can also be an experience a student customizes to receive academic credit.
    • Away-domestic electives are rotations offered at another U.S. medical school or site.  
    • Only away catalog sub-internships at other LCME schools will meet the UIC sub-internship requirement.



Scheduling Forms for M4s only:

CLASS of 2015 Lottery Information


CLASS of 2016 Lottery Information


 Scheduling Forms for M3s Only: