New Student Registration Information

TO:       Incoming Class
FROM: Michelle Ortiz Wortel, Director, Office of Student Financial Aid, Records and Registration (Registrar for the UIC College of Medicine)

Congratulations on your acceptance and welcome to the UIC College of Medicine (COM). I wish you a pleasant summer before you embark on your medical education.

Your Orientation program will be held during the week of August 10th. To participate in the Orientation, you must be registered for your Fall 2015 courses by August 11, 2015. Your registration is done automatically by the Registrar's office.  In order for your registration to be processed, your Admissions file must be complete.  You submit all outstanding documents required by the Office of Medical College Admissions no later than July 31, 2015.  If your file is not complete, you will not be registered for Fall 2015 and you cannot participate in Orientation.

Should you have any doubt about attending UIC for your medical education, I ask that you notify the Registrar's Office as soon as possible. If you are registered and later decide to enroll elsewhere, you must drop all courses, before August 12, 2015, to avoid a tuition and fees bill.

During your tenure here as a medical student you will hear references made to the COM Registrar's Office and to the UIC Office of Admissions and Registration (OAR). The College of Medicine Office of the Registrar has very limited services. As an ‘arm' of the main UIC campus OAR, we provide medical students with COM-specific records and registration information. The OAR receives all final grades, maintains the official academic transcript and prepares diplomas for all students including those in the College of Medicine. Additionally, the OAR completes all documents requiring verification of enrollment or graduation. That office also maintains campus registration system, the UIC Portal.

Please take the time to read every section. Click on each heading below to be connected to that section. Do not hesitate to call me if I can assist you in any way.




    The two offices that serve COM student records and registration needs are listed below:




    1. All UIC students including those in the COM are registered for courses by the COM Registrar's Office.
    2. The COM requires that you be registered for all basic science courses and clinical rotations before they begin in contrast to the rest of the university that allows late registration. The COM supersede the larger university's rules in this case.  The COM academic schedule often does not coincide with the campus academic calendar; each semester we will advise you on how to manage these differences.  Each year, your immunizations must be in compliance in order for the COM Registrar's Office to process your registration.
    3. Failure to comply with the registration requirements precludes receiving credit for courses, participating in further educational activities, sitting for COM examinations or external board examinations, registering in future terms, receiving financial aid funding. Failure to comply may result in dismissal.
    4. Registration is a University entity; and the COM Records and Registration office strictly enforces UIC registration policies, regulations and rules codified by the Board of Trustees and UIC administration. COM registration rules have been developed to reinforce registration requirements and to clarify differences for COM students.


    Students who complete the curriculum in the expected four-year period should expect to pay tuition and fees for 10 semesters. Tuition and Fees rates are subject to annual increases. Students who opt to enroll in the Decompressed Program will pay tuition for five years. Details on this program are available in the Office of Student Affairs.

    A mandatory student Disability Insurance Fee is assessed one time per year in the fall of each year you are enrolled here. M-1, M-2, M-3 and M-4 students are assessed approximately $60 for this fee, and the cost may vary from year to year.



    You must be registered for courses/clerkships each semester you are engaged in educational activities for credit, unless you go on a Leave-of-Absence (LOA), withdraw or are dismissed. Registration creates your tuition and fees bill and updates your UIC academic transcript. Please remember that on-time registration is an obligation. Student noncompliance prevents financial aid disbursement, prevents sitting for exams and earning credit and prevents access to campus resources and services. Permission to register late will only be granted by the Senior Associate Dean of Students following a successful petition for such permission.

    We expect that you will take registration and payment obligations seriously as a medical student and future physician. Complete registration in the designated period after you receive email notification of registration dates for the next semester.



    The UIC Portal is a secure campus Web site to view your registration. Details are described on the web site.

    The UIC Portal is relatively easy to use. An NetID/Enterprise ID and Password are REQUIRED to login. Instructions to activate our portal account can be found at the UIC Portal web address: , under First Time Portal Users, click on Activate your portal account



    Participation in the M-1 Orientation program requires that you have submitted all complete, required documents to the Office of Medical College Admissions by July 31, 2015 and registered by the COM Office of the Registrar by August 11, 2015.  We will contact you expeditiously if you fail to comply with the requirement to register before educational experiences begin.

    Please note that all first-year medical students have the course schedule. You need to be registered in order to participate in academic classes for credit. Registration allows students to attend classes, to take examinations, to earn credit toward graduation and to obtain financial aid, if needed. On the technical side, registration is required to establish a UIC e-mail account, to initiate the UIC academic transcript and to generate a monthly tuition and fees statement.



    Registration Holds may be placed at any time during a semester and by one or more UIC or COM offices:

    1. Student Accounts Receivable (SAR) - for nonpayment of bills;
    2. Office of Immunization Records for immunization updates;
    3. COM Advising Hold - for failure to register, failure to return borrowed books or material or graduation issues, or
    4. Debt Management Hold - for failure to complete a debt management session, a Student Financial Services requirement.

    Once a Hold has been placed, registration is denied until the Hold is cleared. The UIC Portal reveals if one or more Holds have been placed on a student record, which office placed the Hold and who to contact to resolve the Hold(s). Students who attended UIC for undergraduate or graduate work may find registration Hold(s) stemming from previous attendance. All Holds must be addressed before registration can proceed. Students should access the registration system several times per semester to learn if a Hold has been placed on their record.



    All student address changes must be made using the UIC Portal The College downloads your mailing address information from the University database daily. Your mailing address must be correct in order to receive any mail distributed by the College of Medicine. This includes all COM grade reports.